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Piergiorgio Cipriano

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Subject: [SDI-Europe] Fwd: Open Source Opportunities in GIS Summer School 2014, Girona, Spain
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Subject: Open Source Opportunities in GIS Summer School 2014, Girona, Spain

The 5th "Open Source Opportunities in GIS Summer School 2014" will take
place between 7th and 11th July in Girona in Spain. Hosted by the GIS and
Remote Sensing Centre (SIGTE) of the University of Girona in collaboration
with the Nottingham Geospatial Institute of the University of Nottingham
and Prodevelop (partner of Boundless (formerly OpenGeo)), the Summer
School this year will be focused on the development and creation of Open
Web Mapping Services and Web Applications.

The Summer School is open to professionals and researchers interested in
spatial information and all those who wish to meet, gain experience and
share knowledge in the application and use of FOSS for sharing and
publishing spatial data. The Summer School aims to be a starting and
meeting point for professionals and researchers working with geographic
information and who are interested in applying the geographic information
in their projects and research as well as sharing knowledge and
experiences with a wide international audience.

The course is particularly aimed at professionals and researchers from a
wide range of disciplines such as regional planning, geography,
environmental sciences, tourism management, etc.

Further details and online registration can be found here:

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