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Paolo Viskanic
Vi giro questa news che il gruppo di sviluppo di mixare ha rilasciato oggi.

We have great news to announce! Yesterday evening Peer GmbH [1] and R3
GIS GmbH [2] chose to join their efforts to help mixare grow at even a
faster pace.
The expertise of R3 GIS about Geographic Information Systems, Digital
Terrain Models, and GPS knowledge is a perfect fit for the User
Experience knowledge of Peer internet solutions.
The companies agreed on a concrete roadmap for the next few months,
that is listed below:

* download retries
* GPS fix
* various Nullpointer exceptions fixes

* Compass precision: investigation of possible corrections /
* Compass correction by the means of accelerometer readings?
* GPS precision (altitude): investigation of possible corrections /
* GPS precision (overall): integration of DGPS services? WAAS? Other
possible services
* Integration with high precision DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and
visibility analysis
* Marker display enhancements related to precision and distance
* Additional handling of polylines and polygons
* Additional standardized data-format support (XML based)
* User Interface enhancements: menu support, better feedback to the
* Warnings in case of issues with data reliability (magnetic field
distortions, old/wrong GPS fix). Maybe a diagnostic mode for advanced
* Social network integration: twitter with support for login,
timeline, lists, search. Maybe send geotagged tweets?
* Support for local data sources (not in terms of URI, but rather
collection of POIs)

R3 GIS GmbH [2] and Peer GmbH [1] are committed to open source. The
project keeps its GPLv3 license, all code contributions will be put in
the public repository [3] and the discussion will happen in the public
development mailing list[4], so that everyone is able to chime in and

We are thrilled to see the mixare community grow, and that companies
with great expertise join the project!


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