[OSSIM] Ossimplanet integration with Grass and Qgis - status report #6

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[OSSIM] Ossimplanet integration with Grass and Qgis - status report #6

Massimo Di Stefano

Week 6 (July 3, 2009)

  1. What did I do this week:

  • Fixed the Grass Raster Rendering in Ossim-Gdal plug-in, now we can load grass raster data type (Byte, Uint16, Float32, Float64) in imagelinker and Ossimplanet.
   The rendering works great, all the ossim function like “img2rr, create_histo, 
   mosaic, image_info ...” now works on grass data too.

  • Finished to wrote a template mapfile to read gps data in real time (gps data stored on postgis) ... i need yet to implement an autogenerated mapfile based on selected
   grass layers.

  • Create a python dictionary from the geonames cities database (a dictionary for 
   each region) targhet is to have a combobox with listed region once one region is 
   selected in an other combobox we’ll have cities names to zoom to.

  • Continue to sperimenting the use of r.external read in grass imagery data generated by ossim.

  1. What do I plan on doing next week: 

  • Study/Learning/experiment with the broadcast/listner Ossimplanet’s capabilities.
   (targhet is to load raster data in ossim using tcp connection). 

  • Learn more on grass command like :  r.cost, r.los, v.net.path, v.net.salesman.
   the targhet is to generate capture nodes using the gui/joystick pass them to grass
   generate visibility-map/route/path and send it out to planet.


  1. Am I blocked on anything: x

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