The 2nd gvSIG Festival is underway!

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The 2nd gvSIG Festival is underway!

gvSIG Press

After the successful first gvSIG Festival in the last year, the virtual
gvSIG conference, a second edition will be held this year [1], in May
16th and 17th. The novelty of this year is that users can send their
proposals about projects done with gvSIG, that will convert this
initiative in a more global and open event.

This event is free of charge and completely online, through the webinar
service of the gvSIG Association, with the advantage to count with
speakers from different countries and where users and developers from
any part of the world can hold them.

If you have done any project with gvSIG and you want to present it at
the gvSIG Festival, you can send a summmary to the following e-mail
address: [hidden email], explaining the project. The
summary will have no more than 300 words, it has to be written in
Spanish or English, and you have to indicate the title and the language
of the presentation.

Once the program is configured it will be published at the event
website, and registrations will be opened.

[hidden email]
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