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rilascio RasterLite 1.0

Per chi ancora si ricorda la presentazione preliminare
dei "raster su SpatiaLite" tenuta al GFOSS meeting
di Cagliari, finalmente ho rilasciato il SW



Hi list,

today I released RasterLite, a really simple SpatiaLite-based
C API [and related command-line management tools] supporting
Raster Data Sources in a SpatiaLite DB. [or]


RasterLite implements TILING and multi-level PYRAMIDS, and
take full profit from RTree-based Spatial Indexing.

Individual tiles can be stored at your choice as:
TIFF     [supporting monochrome CCITT FAX-4 compression]
PNG      [loseless compression]
GIF      [loseless compression]
JPEG     [lossy compression]
WAVELET  [lossy compression]

As from my preliminary testings, RasterLite is able to
handle really huge Raster Data Sources [several GB-sized]
in a really efficient and painless way.

You can find a tutorial explaining in depth how to use the
following popular publicly available satellite imagery and DEMs:
- TrueMarble 250m/pixel world coverage
- ETOPO5 wold coverage
- SRTM 90m/pixel world coverage

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